Ultrasound Workshop Demonstrations (Day-1)

  • Particularly good on explaining anatomy
  • Very good introduction
  • More time at work stations needed
  • My general impression is that very slim models are good to see the anatomy but then in reality most patients are not slim – more “average” models please!

Scanning and needling skills for efficacy and safety in UGRA - Dr Ki Jinn Chin

  • Would like to know what to do with “difficult” patients where image is poor
  • Very clear and well explained
  • Very good useful points
  • Useful lecture – thank you

Workshop 1 - Technology, Image Generation, Probe Handling and Needling

  • Excellent advice on needling
  • Very good, simple introduction to US
  • Ability to practice delivering LA using phantoms would make session better

Workshop 2 - Simulated Scenarios

  • I wasn’t expecting this!

Workshop 3 - Upper Limb: above and around Clavicle

  • Improved initial demonstration of anatomy and different blocks needed
  • Take into account novice attendees – demonstrate structures better on the screen
  • Excellent, clear and concise – covered more than planned (cervical plexus block)
  • Excellent

Workshop 4 - Upper Limb: below Clavicle

  • Excellent tutors
  • We had a good model (middle aged lady) instead of the very slim models – good to see “difficult” anatomy

Workshop 5 - Abdominal Wall

  • Good coverage of different blocks and usage
  • Good time to scan and questions answered
  • More time to practice needed
  • Anatomy was explained very well
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained things will but little application for me in the ED setting
  • Very useful even though I had already done top blocks

Workshop 6 - Lower Limb

  • Excellent instructor who demonstrated relevant blocks for use in the ED

Workshop 7 - Neuraxial US

  • Excellent delivery
  • Plenty of time for practice scanning by group

Workshop 8 – Thorax

  • Very clear discussion and explanation of landmarks

Workshop 9 - Ankle Blocks • Workshop 10 - Obturator, Adductor, Saphenous

  • Particularly good explanation on anatomy from female doctor whose name I can’t recall – very clear and answered questions well
  • Very knowledgeable demonstrator in my opinion
  • Brilliant delivery and clinical indications were discussed as well + One general comments about workshops:
  • I was very impressed with the way the demonstrators were willing to discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of using some of those blocks in the A&E and adapted what they were doing to pick out useful things for me

Live Interactive Demos (Day-2)

  • Would have been better if the person who was describing the anatomy was somehow able to control the laser pointer to point at exactly what they were meaning
  • Upper limb sono anatomy particularly well explained – good teaching technique
  • Great Q&A session after demos – very practical information
  • Slightly confusing where faculty disagree between themselves
  • Sound quality of speaker from theatre sometimes poor – better speakers / better amplifier needed

Morning - Q&A and Discussion Panel - Dr Ki Jinn Chin

  • Very knowledgeable faculty
  • At times perhaps too few questions from audience – more from faculty (may just be some felt shy)
  • Faculty all very friendly and helpful
  • Lively discussions!
  • Very useful Ultrasound for neuraxial block in normal and difficult spinal anatomy
  • Very interesting – good speaker
  • Excellent diagrams
  • Encouraged me to give this a go – not sure where it will fit in my practice but I think it’s in all our future
  • Excellent knowledgeable lecturer
  • Excellent
  • Brilliant presentation and visual aids

Afternoon Live Interactive Demos

  • Interesting to hear views/opinions and practice of the assembled faculty
  • A quick summary of anatomy for ankle blocks which not everyone will have seen before would make session better
  • Some demonstrators better than others at pointing out anatomy
  • Good

Regional Anaesthesia for Breast Surgery - Dr Amit Pawa (Day-2)

  • Excellent
  • Very interesting
  • Informative and enthusiastic
  • Excellent explanation of anatomy
  • He’s very smooth – nicely delivered & interesting topic
  • Keen to hear whether PECS 2 will replace PVB (particularly)
  • Very good lecturer/chair/demonstrator
  • Brilliant practical lecture + One general comment for the whole day
  • Excellent, helpful and knowledgeable faculty who shared their vast experiences – thank you for giving up your time

Anatomy Lectures and Discussion: Dr Matthew Szarko and Dr Paul Carter

  • Professor gave excellent lecture

Workshop 1 - Head and Neck Workshop 2 - Upper Limb

  • Excellent – very useful for ED practice

Workshop 3 - Trunk Workshop 4 - Lower Limb Workshop 5 - US guided Needling

  • Would like more sessions of this